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Maison & Objet AW16: Trends and Inspiration

It’s that season again…show season! And this season we kicked it off with a visit to Maison et Objet in Paris…

Maison et Objet, is one of the world’s leading interior and design trade shows with over 69,000 people visiting from all over the world and over 3300 brands exhibiting making it a hot spot of activity and great for spotting trends for the coming year. The best of both established brands and upcoming new designers from around the globe showcase their latest collections for the Autumn and Winter season and all set within the backdrop of beautiful Paris – so what’s not to love?!

Maison et Objet resized

Each season, the Maison et Objet Observatorie de la Maison (a committee created in 2002) define a theme ‘that catalogues new trends in consumption and emerging lifestyles’ and that theme is explored within the show as a whole. This year’s theme was House of Games:

“Enter the game, this realm rich of signs, shapes, colours and tales and reset creation. The playful spirit feeds from the board gaming aesthetic but also from gambling or balance game. Draughtboards, pawns, card games, dices, dominos, tarots … There is always a good reason to have fun. The rule of the game? Dramatize the settings, betting on a joyful and elegant maximalism, we pick the Beautiful Bizarre card. The luxury of this new decorative art sees red. Sensual materials and precious know how beat the house. The game plays with conventions, time periods, styles and types. Dadaïst collages and juxtapositions of heterogeneous elements reshuffle the cards of the unexpected. The die is cast. Your turn.”

Read more about the House of Games theme here





Trends & Inspiration

As predicted the show was as inspiring as ever with some great new homeware brands from around the world. Check out our quick round-up of some of the inspiring products and designs we saw when walking the halls….


Maison is a great show for spotting the new trends for the upcoming season and below are the 4 key interior trends that we picked out from the show this year:

Urban Living

Where ever you live you can create your own dramatic, architectural space with our range of monochrome and geometric patterned home accessories adding a bold urban feel to any room


1. Pappelina Dana 70x160cm Warm Grey, Charcoal and Vanilla Handwoven Plastic Rug, £99 // 2. Italesse Alavin Decanter Set with Black Base, £99 // 3. Design Ideas FireEscape Decorative Shelf, £99.95 // 4. Design Ideas ThreeSixFive Perpetual Calendar in Black, £24.95 // 5. Elephant Parade 15cm Zwart Witje Charity Elephant Replica, £49.95 // 6. Bosign Moose Storage Hook in Matt Black, £29.71 // 7. Verso Design Kranssi Black Birch Trivet with Grey Felt Loop Hanger, £19 // 8. Pappelina Rex Mud Brown Cotton Cushion, £49

Back to Nature

Introduce a calming relaxed vibe into your home with our stylish range of  nature inspired home accessories. Made from a variety of natural materials such as cork, soapstone and linen and presented in colours inspired by the endless variations of the earth; orange oxide, moss green, neutral beige and stone grey.


1. Pappelina Rex Mud Brown Linen and Cotton Woven Kitchen Tea Towel, £18 // 2. Design Ideas BaliHai Heliconia Single Placement, £8.95 // 3. Amorim Materia Cork Pinha Lamp, £99 // 4. Bosign Medium Hideaway Cable Organiser in White and Natural Finish, £23.36 // 5. Kinto Slow Coffee Style Stacking Mug in Burnt Orange, £13 // 6. Elephant Parade 15cm Swampy Jane Charity Elephant by Joss Stone, £49.95 // 7. Amorim Materia Par Cork Salt and Pepper Shakers, £59 // 8. Verso Design Leija Set of 2 Linen Tea Towels in Natural and Lime Green, £22 // 9. Hukka Design Set of 2 Carelian Soapstone Schnapps Glasses, £17

The Midas Touch

Add a touch of glamour and Hollywood glitz to your interiors with our luxurious range of gold and gilt metallic coloured home accessories, look especially great when paired against rich opulent colours such as emerald green and navy blue

maison-et-objet-sept-2016-trends-luxe-gold-numbered1. Pappelina Dana 70x100cm Ochre, Beige and Vanilla Handwoven Plastic Rug, £69 // 2. Miss Etoile Gold Stripe Enjoy Ceramic Mug, £13.75 // 3. Miss Etoile Gold Ceramic Cake Stand, £25 // 4. Miss Etoile Gold Ceramic Teapot with White Stars, £44.95 // 5. Elephant Parade 10cm Sparkling Celebration in Gold Charity Elephant Statue, £32.95 // 6. Bosign Medium Branch Hanger in Gold, £12.71 // 7. Miss Etoile Gold Diagonal Stripe Ceramic Pot, £12.45 // 8. Kinto Slow Coffee Style Speciality Gold Brewer Set includes 4 Cups, £200 // 9. Miss Etoile Gold Ceramic Coffee Mug with White Stars, £14.45

Artisan chic

In contrast to the growing technological world people are moving towards hand woven and hand crafted products that reflect the passion and skill of traditional artisans in a range of subtle, neutral colours


1. Verso Design Large Viilu Handwoven Birch Basket, £24 // 2. Kinto Dune Handcrafted Ceramic 1L Pitcher in Grey, £33.15 // 3. Pappelina Koi 70x270cm Champagne Metallic Handwoven Plastic Rug, £164 // 4. Kinto Slow Coffee Style Speciality Porcelain Glaze Mug in Moss Black and Brown, £24 // 5. Kinto Dune Handcrafted Ceramic Plate in Matt Ivory, £23.80 // 6. Kinto Handcrafted Porcelain Grotto Espresso Cup and Saucer in Yellow, £17.10 // 7. Kinto Handcrafted Porcelain Pebble 500ml Teapot in Moss Green, £54

Exploring the city of Paris & it’s design stores

On the Saturday we decided to escape and take the day off from Maison and explore the design shops of Paris. We had the main names such as Fleux’, Merci and Colette on our list as well as some smaller stores such as Colonel, Pop Market and Gab & Jo. And what an inspiring day it was, even if it was a bit heavy going on the feet, we walked over 25,000 steps that day!

Spotted Miss Etoile Mugs in Fleux!
Ceramics in Merci
Colette Wall Art

And of course we managed to sample some excellent Parisian patisserie on our travels (well, we did walk nearly 12 miles so we felt we deserved them!) because when in Paris… And as you can see they were works of art rather than just cakes – so that must mean they have less calories – mustn’t it?!

The best eclairs ever at L’Eclair opposite Fleux’ – they were almost too pretty to eat!
Because who goes to Paris and doesn’t have a macaroon?!

img_1308 img_1311 img_1406

As always Maison and Paris it has been a pleasure and we cannot wait to visit again next season!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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