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Life in the slow lane with Kinto

The 1st of October will mark this year’s International Coffee Day, where coffee lovers and brands come together to celebrate their love for this wonderful beverage!


Did you know that in the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day – now that’s a lot of coffee!!

If you’re like us here at homeArama, then you love nothing more that waking up to the sweet smell of coffee, getting you ready to face the day ahead.

However, unlike our tea drinking friend’s, coffee has traditionally been an instant activity to give us that much needed caffeine hit and we have forgotten how to truly savour the moment and the process of brewing and drinking great coffee for it own sake.

Well that’s about to change and here at homeArama we are currently obsessed with Kinto and it’s Slow Coffee Style range.

As we all know life can get pretty hectic at times (understatement of the year!), but at homeArama we think you should sit back, draw breath and take things slowly by enjoying a brewed slow style coffee from Kinto.


The History

Slow coffee is based on the ‘Slow Movement’ which according to Wikipedia “advocates a cultural shift toward slowing down life’s pace.” Supposedly it all began with Carlo Petrini’s protest against the opening of a McDonald’s restaurant in Piazza di Spagna, Rome in 1986 that sparked the creation of the slow food movement as a protest against fast food. Over time as our lives have become more hectic and fast-paced the slow movement has developed into a cultural shift towards slowing down the pace of the way we live.

Slow Coffee Style

Kinto have adopted the approach of slowing down the pace of our lifestyle into their Slow Coffee Style range, which was born “to bring to you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time”.



All of Kinto’s Slow Coffee Style carafes and jugs have been handcrafted in small quantities in Japan. A tube of heat-resistant glass is fired and air is then blown into the tube to shape the glass into the mold. The handles are also crafted by hand. The handcrafted element to the Slow Coffee Style series brings a sense of warmth to the simple form.



All items in the Slow Coffee Style Collection have been tailored to cater to the user’s preference. For example all items are available in 2 sizes: you can use the ‘4 cups’ size to serve guests or your family, and the ‘2 cups’ sized items have been designed to enjoy slow coffee generously for yourself or to share with a friend.

You can also determine the amount of coffee you brew, by placing the brewer directly on top of your favourite mug instead of using a jug.

Thirdly you can also choose the type of filter you use according to your specific taste in coffee: the paper filter brings out a clear and mild taste in the coffee, whereas the stainless steel filter extracts more of the coffee oil from the bean to create a rich aromatic coffee.


The coffeeware in Kinto’s Slow Coffee Style series has not only been designed to elevate your experience and the taste of hand-dripping coffee but also as great interior items. They have been designed to blend into your living space and enhance your surroundings.

scs-interiors slow-coffee-style-3 slow-coffee-style-1


Product Line-up

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set with either a plastic or stainless steel filter and available in two sizes 300ml and 600ml, with all parts in the set being stackable for compact storage – the perfect gift for any coffee enthusiast!

Slow Coffee Style Mug Series

There are many different ranges of mugs in the Kinto Slow Coffee Style collection, including the illustrated talking mugs, the relaxed glazed mugs, the matte clay stacking mugs etc, so you are bound to find one to suit your mood. Each of the mugs have been especially designed in a gentle form, in calming earthen tones and in the soothing texture of clay.

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Jug Set

The Kinto Slow Coffee Style Jug Set, which includes a glass jug, brewer and stainless steel filter, lets you have fun brewing slow coffee with its playful messages and resemblance to a laboratory tool. Plus the print on the side indicates the amount of coffee you have dripped which is a useful addition. A new addition to the collection to contrast the original curved Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set, it is also available in two sizes: 300 and 600 ml.

New Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty S01 Series

A new addition this season is the Slow Coffee Style Series S01, which includes two different sized brewers and mugs. The iron glaze finish, created from a unique volcanic ash, creates a mineral like texture, and the sturdy shape of the mug reminds you of a traditional beer jug and exerts a strong presence.

New Kinto Slow Coffee Style Specialty Gold Brewer

Another new addition this season to the Kinto Slow Coffee Style Series is the Specialty Collection which has been designed for admirers of refined craft and slow coffee. This luxury and timeless brass brewer stand set, which includes 4 cups, is a truly special and unique gift for any slow coffee lover.

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Accessories
Kinto Slow Coffee Style Accessories

Take your slow coffee experience to a new level with the wide range of accessories, including a canister which blocks sunlight to keep coffee beans flavorful and fresh, and a paper filter stand which holds conical and trapezoidal shaped paper filters. As well as two different type of brewers available in either porcelain or plastic, and a stylish Slow Coffee Style stainless kettle with a specially designed narrow spout to control the amount of water you are pouring over the coffee beans and where you are pouring it. The collection also includes a plywood tray that has a special non-slip coating on the surface to prevent your mugs of coffee from slipping when being served – what a handy trick!

Slow Coffee V’s Instant Coffee

Surprisingly only 7% of American regularly drink instant coffee compared to around 75% people in the UK and here we’ve always thought that we were more refined that our American friends, but it seems that we have a lot to learn from them in regards to our coffee experience!

Of course we can see the obvious reasoning behind drinking coffee flavoured water – sorry instant coffee! – the fact that it’s ‘instant’ and easy to prepare, anyone can pour hot water over coffee granules or powder!

And we must admit that even we are guilty of reaching the instant coffee when in a rush in the morning. Although it might be easier you are missing out of the true coffee experience and taste by using instant coffee instead of brewing your coffee using freshly grounded coffee beans.

By brewing coffee by hand, using such techniques as the Pour Over method, which involves hot water dripping though coffee grounds held by a paper filter and takes about 3 minutes to prepare, you can control all the variables and create a cup of coffee that is exactly suited to your preferences, as well as highlighting the unique characteristics of the coffee bean.

Plus in our opinion the relaxed experience of hand brewing coffee is much better than the rushed daily grind of quickly making an instant coffee.

Making Slow Coffee At Home

Follow the three simple steps below to start brewing your own slow coffee at home!


Useful tips:

  • Most pourover drippers work best when they are between 1/2 to 2/3 full of coffee grounds
  • The more coffee or the finer-ground coffee you use will result in a slower flow time
  • Try to pour quickly, gently and evenly across the surface of the coffee, pausing between pours
  • When you pouring water, your dripper will still continue to drip for another 20-60 seconds
  • Your target total brew time should be about 2.5-3 minutes for a dark roasted coffee, and 3-4 minutes for medium to light roasted coffee (including the dripping time after you stop adding water)
  • If your coffee tastes too weak then try a finer grind next time and if your coffee is too strong for your tastes then use a little less coffee, or just add a bit of hot water to your finished cup of slow coffee

So next time don’t reach for the instant coffee, sit back and savour the moment by taking your coffee slowwww with Kinto.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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