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Spooktastic & Stylish Halloween Decorations from Design Ideas!

It’s that time of year again…Halloween!

Halloween Front Porch Image

Don’t be scared… to have a quality Halloween!!

There is a place and a budget for everything and supermarkets have a great range of throwaway items that we love as much as anyone else but what not add a few longer lasting products you can use year after year.

With that in mind and to help get your home Halloween ready, we have put together a list of fab design conscious Halloween decorations from the brands we represent here at homeArama!

Design Ideas


What happens when you set your table or mantel piece with our Salem Decorative Accessories from Design Ideas? Well doors and floors creek more loudly, the wind howls in your chimney more angrily, and sometimes you may even hear soft footsteps creeping up behind you….DUN DUN DUUUN! All of this could of course be in our minds!, but one thing is for certain – these laser cut poplar wood Salem decorations will create a delightfully spooky setting in your home this Halloween!

Choose from a range of decorations including a Haunted House Set and Salem Ghosts decorations to create your own unique spooky setting! And at prices starting from £11.95 for a set of 24 Bats and Spiders Salem Ornaments what’s not to love?!

Salem Haunted House Set // Salem Haunted Trees Set
Salem Spiders, Bats and Ghost Ornaments on a Design Ideas Sherwood Tree!

Gelwonder Window Clings


Our Gelwonder Window Clings are an easy and cost effective way of adding a spooktastic touch to your home this Halloween. They can be stuck to any non-porous surface, such as windows and mirror, and are available in a wide range of spooky designs, perfect for creating your own Halloween window story!

To reuse simply peel away the pieces and stick them back onto their original packaging, or between pieces of clingfilm if you have thrown the packaging away.

They also make an fun alternative gift for kids this Halloween, much more healthy than the tons of sugary sweets they get from trick and treating!

Prices start from £3.95 for a small bag and £4.95 for a large bag, shop the complete collection here.

Left to right: Small Bag Haunted Jacks £3.95 // Small Bag Little Monster £3.95 // Large Bag Smiling Spiders £4.95 // Large Bag Witch’s Brew £4.95 // Small Bag Glowing Ghosts £3.95 // Large Bag Haunted Hood £4.95

We hope you all have a fangtastic halloween!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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