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Decorative Storage Solutions

Get your interior design fix and keep the clutter at a minimum with our top eight decorative storage ideas!

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It may sound a bit cliche but Spring really is a great time to declutter and tidy your home, but in that spring-cleaning process you will inevitability run into another problem – finding storage solutions for the things you want to keep. Now when most of us think about storage, we see it as a functional tool that helps to organise our home and daily lives, but that doesn’t mean that just because it is functional that it has to be unattractive!

Storage can in fact be beautiful and add to your interiors instead of detracting from them. So forget those ugly plastic storage boxes that you hide out of sight in your cupboards, and instead turn your storage into a positive statement. Here at homeArama we have put together our eight favourite unique and decorative storage solutions that as well as being functional will also be a a stylish addition to your home!


1. Design Ideas FireEscape Decorative Shelf, £99.95

Design Ideas Decorative Storage Fire Escape Shelf

Inspired by those iconic metal fire escapes found on the outside of tenement building in America, often showed in American TV shows and films – especially those filmed in New York, this stunning and unique decorative shelf will add a urban and industrial vibe to any room! It is great for storing and displaying candles, potted plants, photos and other small collectible items. You can even hang multiple shelves vertically down a wall to create a dramatic visual wall statement. Click to shop the Fire Escape Shelf.

2. Aveva Design RAW Triangle Wall Shelving System, from £67

Aveva Decorative Storage Raw Triangle Shelves

With endless combinations and shapes the RAW Triangle Shelving System from Swedish interior brand Aveva Design allows you to create your own unique graphic wall shelving statement piece, perfect for storing magazines, books, decorative items, house plants and small nick-knacks. You can make the RAW Triangle Shelving System as big or small as you like, making it ideal for use in any of room of your home. Use one shelf by it’s self or group multiple sizes together to create your own unique decorative storage display. The collection includes 4 different shelf colour options and 3 different models. Prices start from £67 for a Set of 2 Small Triangle Shelves.

3. Verso Design Tikas Birch Wall Ladder, £129

Verso Design Decorative Storage Wall Ladders

The Tikas Birch Wall Ladder from Finnish brand Verso Design is a stylish and practical storage solution, ideal for small spaces where you don’t have room for multiple storage boxes or if you are just looking for add a bit of character to add to plain walls. It can be used to store clothes, towels and accessories by hanging them over one of the four ladder rungs. You can also attach a shelf(s) or felt pockets (sold separately from the same collection) to create additional storage space – as seen in the images above. The Wall Ladder also comes with 5 S-hooks for even more storage options! The Tikas Wall Ladder can be easily attached to the wall with simple screws that are neatly hidden behind small wooden pegs. Click to shop the decorative storage Tikas Wall Ladder from Verso Design.

4. Amorim Materia Torno 1 Instant Shelf Cork Bowl, £69

Amorim Decorative Storage Torno Cork Shelf

Designed by Inga Sempe for Amorim’s Materia Collection, the Torno Instant Shelf is great for adding instant storage space to any room! With a fixation system that is both straightforward and flexible, is a great detachable shelf that can be set up whenever you need it. It makes for a handy pick-up and drop-off spot for the random objects that populate our daily life, you know what items we are talking about; your house keys, loose change, chapstick, reading glasses and so on! It is made from cork making it an eco-friendly as well as a decorative storage solution! Click to read more about the Torno Instant Shelf from Amorim.

5. Bosign Branch Hangers, from £5.97

Bosign Decorative Storage Branch Hangers

Shaped to look like a branch of a tree, these decorative wall mounted hooks from Bosign are a great addition to any room! They can be used to store and hang a number of different items; used in the bathroom to hang your towels and dressing gowns from, in the bedroom to hang your jewellery and accessories from, or even in the hallway to hang your coats, bags and keys from. They can be fixed to the wall either horizontally or vertically to make the most of your space. And why not create an impressive visual impact by combining multiple hangers from floor to ceiling?! The Branch Hangers from Bosign are a great decorative storage feature and are made from lacquered cast iron and available in a number of different colours and sizes.

6. Hachiman Omnioutil Storage Bucket, from £19.95

Hachiman Decorative Storage Omnioutil Buckets

These stylish Omnioutil Buckets from Japanese brand Hachiman are the only storage buckets you will ever need! They can be used for so many different things: from storing kids toys in, to storing general household items to storing tools and gardening accessories, to doubling as a storage space as well as a bedside table or coffee table or even a stool, there are basically no limits to what these buckets can be used for! Plus they are also stackable, allowing you to save space! The Omnioutil Buckets are available in two sizes, and multiple colour options including a sophisticated Scandinavian colour collection. Click to explore and shop the Omnioutil range further.

7. Miss Etoile Plastic Storage Canisters, from £4.77

Miss Etoile Decorative Storage Canisters

These stylish and practical clear plastic storage canisters from Danish homewares company Miss Etoile are great for so many uses! Perfect for use in your bedroom or bathroom for storing your toiletries, cosmetics, cotton wool balls or buds, and hair accessories in. Or you can use them in your kitchen to store nuts, biscuits or treats in, thanks to their airtight lid and the fact they are made from 100% food proof plastic. Or why not use them in your home office to storage small stationery items in? These versatile decorative storage canisters from Miss Etoile are available in 3 different sizes, as well as a number of pretty mix and match designs, including the iconic Miss Etoile Eyes Open and Eyes Closed designs! They are also stackable making them perfect if you have limited space! Prices start from £4.77 for the small sized canister, explore the collection here.

8. Bahne Set of 3 Marble Effect Storage Boxes, £18.95

Bahne Decorative Storage Marble Effect Boxes

With an on-trend marble effect finish, these set of 3 paper storage boxes are great for storing your photos, important documents, keepsakes, scarves, gloves and other small accessories in. You can stack them on top of each other, or use them separately. Thanks to their stylish marble finish these boxes will look so good you won’t want to hide them in your cupboards, instead display them in view as a decorative piece in either your bedroom, bathroom, living room or home office! The set includes a small, medium and large sized box, click to shop the Marble Effect Storage Boxes from Bahne.


We hope this post has inspired you and shown you that storage doesn’t have to be boring!


Thanks for reading 🙂

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