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Plastic Free July: 8 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Usage

Join the movement and go plastic free this July!

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Plastic Free July is an award-winning awareness campaign that started in Western Australia in 2011 with the simple idea – to stop using single-use plastic during the month of July. Since then it has grown to a global movement with over 1 million people worldwide taking part last year. The Plastic Free July Movement aims to raise public awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives by encouraging people to eliminate the use of single-use plastic for one month in July each year. It encourages people to move away from using single-use plastic by providing different solutions and alternatives.

Plastic Free July All

The problem with single-use plastic – the plastic that is used to make plastic bags, bottles and takeaway containers etc. – is that it is made from a material that is designed to last forever (it’s breaks up not down therefore becoming a permanent pollutant). So although we only use this material for a few minutes it pollutes the earth for years to come – plastics can take up to 400 years to break down!! (reference)  A lot of this plastic waste ends up in the rivers and ocean, killing as many as 1 million sea creatures every year (reference) and according to scientific predictions by 2050 there will be more tonnes of plastic in the ocean than fish!! (reference: Plastic Free July)

But that doesn’t have to be the case, and you can be part of the solution by limiting your use of single-use plastic and going plastic free. So with that in mind, we have listed below 8 different ways and some changes you can make to reduce your usage and dependency on single-use plastic items,  so go on – choose to reuse!

Use reusable drink bottles instead of buying plastic drink bottles

Plastic-Free Reusable Water Bottles Lifestyle

Plastic Free Reusable Water Bottles
Equa Glass 550ml Bottle with Felt Cover in Sand Sky, £24.95 // Equa Glass Active Bottle 550ml in Mint, £22.95 // Miss Etoile Multi Hearts Plastic Reusable Bottle, £12.95 // Miss Etoile Eyes Closed Plastic Reusable Bottle, £12.95 // Equa Glass Urban Jungle 550ml Bottle in Magnolia, £22.95 // Equa Glass Mismatch 550ml Bottle in Black, £19.95 // Miss Etoile Enjoy Plastic Reusable Bottle, £12.95 // Miss Etoile Polka Dot Plastic Reusable Bottle, £12.95

We all need to keep hydrated but instead of buying throwaway plastic drinks bottles everyday, go plastic free and opt for a stylish reusable bottle instead! 36 million plastic bottles are used by UK households everyday, with 15 million not being recycled (reference: Blue and Green Tomorrow)! With single-use drinks bottle forming the most common type of plastic packaging found washed up on the shorelines globally. Here at homeArama we have a wide range of trendy reusable drinks bottles available in either BPA-free plastic or glass. Made from borosilicate glass the beautifully designed Equa Bottles have a capacity of 0.5L and are great for keeping your hydrated on-the-go or at your desk. Or for a quirky  alternative try our fun and girly BPA free plastic bottles from Miss Etoile.


Use reusable containers with lids instead of clingfilm to store food and leftovers

Plastic-Free Food Containers Reusable Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Food Containers Reusable
Miss Etoile Set of 3 Bamboo Melamine Bowls, £16.95 // Miss Etoile Set of 3 Plastic Bow Storage Containers, £13.95 // Kinto Cast Medium Glass Storage Canister, £13.95 // Kinto Cast Large Short Glass Storage Canister, £15.95

To reduce your plastic waste, store any food or leftovers in containers with lids instead of using clingfilm. Plus containers are easier to stack in the fridge or cupboard, keeping your kitchen neat and tidy as well! Miss Etoile have a great range of quirky yet practical storage containers in a range of pretty pastel colours and are available in either bamboo melamine or plastic. For a more sophisticated and simple option try our Cast Glass Heat Resistant Storage Canisters from Japanese brand Kinto.


Use reusable travel mugs for hot drinks instead of disposable cups with plastic lids

Plastic-Free Coffee Reusable Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Coffee Reusable
Miss Etoile Bamboo Melamine Stars Travel Mug with Stainless Steel Top, £19.95 // Miss Etoile Bamboo Melamine Rose Heart Travel Mug, £12.95 // Miss Etoile Stripe and Heart Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle, £24.95 // Miss Etoile Eyes Closed Ceramic Travel Mug, £19.95

Say goodbye to one-use coffee cups with plastic lids and say hello to reusable travel mugs and flasks that make drinking on-the-go both stylish and eco-friendly! Miss Etoile have a wide range of different types of on-the-go drink options, from bamboo-melamine travel mugs to stainless steel thermos flasks, Miss Etoile have got you covered! Plus how pretty are the designs?! We love the eyes closed one – so unique!!

Use reusable carafes for water instead of buying plastic water bottles

Plastic-Free Water Carafe Reusable Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Water Carafe Reusable
Kinto Capsule 1 Litre Glass and Stainless Steel Carafe, £31.96 // Kinto Ova 0.65L Water Carafe, £9.57 // Kinto Plug Jug in White, £16.77 // Kinto Ova 1L Carafe in Red, £11.97

Stop buying those large supermarket plastic water bottles and instead fill-up one of our stylish Kinto Carafes with tap water! Plus their slim design means that they fit more easily into your fridge, keeping your drinking water nice and chilled.


Use reusable bags or boxes for carrying your shopping instead of single-use plastic bags

Plastic-Free Meori Reusable Carry Box Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Meori Reusable Carry Box
Meori Large Foldable Storage Carry Box in Classic Red, £29.95 // Meori Small Foldable Storage Carry Box in Green Dots, £19.95 // Meori Large Foldable Storage Carry Box in Grey Dots, £29.95 // Meori Small Foldable Storage Carry Box in Classic Brown, £19.95

One of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic waste and go plastic free is to stop using those thin plastic shopping bags and instead take a reusable bag or box with you to carry your shopping. Our Meori Foldable Boxes are a great alternative, they can hold up up to 65lbs (now that’s a lot of shopping!), they fit perfectly in the trolley and their carry handles make it easy to lift them into the boot of the car. Once you have put your shopping away, these stylish boxes fold up flat, making them easy to store. They are available in multiple colourways and two sizes: small and large.


Grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs instead of buying plastic-covered shop ones

Plastic-Free Feel Green Grow Your Own Veg Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Feel Green Grow Your Own Veg
FeelGreen Mint Ecocube, £9.95 // FeelGreen Chili Ecocube, £9.95 // FeelGreen Chive Ecocube, £9.95 // FeelGreen Strawberry Ecocube, £9.95

Be super green and eco-friendly and grow your own vegetables, fruit and herbs using our Ecocubes from Feel Green! Not only will you feel a sense of achievement at growing your own food but you will be cutting down on the amount of plastic packaging that shop brought vegetables and fruit normally come packed in.


Use paper partyware instead of throw-away plastic cups, plates and straws

Plastic-Free Paper Partyware Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Paper Partyware
Miss Etoile Pack of 8 Love Cake Pink Paper Plates, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 8 Lilac Heart Paper Plates, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 8 Open and Closed Eyes Paper Plates, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 8 Rose Stripe Paper Cups, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 8 Lilac Heart Paper Cups, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 8 Eyes Open and Closed Paper Cups, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Pack of 25 Rose Paper Straws, £1.98 // Miss Etoile Pack of 25 Lilac Stripe Paper Straws, £1.98 // Miss Etoile Pack of 25 Black Stripe Paper Straws, £1.98

Thinking of throwing a summer party? Be green and use paper partyware instead of plastic. Plastic straws are one of the worst offenders of single-plastic waste. So do you bit and go plastic free by switching to paper! Our Paper Partyware Collection from Miss Etoile includes paper plates, cups and straws in a range of mix and match designs and colours, that as well as being more environmentally friendly are also a lot more stylish than the plain plastic versions!


Use paper party decorations instead of balloons

Plastic-Free Paper Party Decorations Lifestyle

Plastic-Free Paper Party Decorations
Miss Etoile Green Medium Crystal Paper Decoration, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Pink Small Flower Paper Decoration, £2.98 // Miss Etoile White Large Honey Comb Paper Ball Decoration, £3.98 // Miss Etoile Small Lilac Round Lantern Paper Decoration, £1.98 // Miss Etoile Blue Mini Honey Comb Ball Paper Decoration, £1.98 // Miss Etoile Yellow Medium Round Lantern Paper Decoration, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Pink Medium Crystal Paper Decoration, £2.48 // Miss Etoile Set of 3 Peach Small Flower Paper Decorations, £3.48

You probably didn’t realise but balloons also contribute to single-use plastic waste. So instead of blowing up a million balloons for your next party, use our stylish paper decorations from Miss Etoile to decorate! These decorations come flat-packed and simply fold out ready for use. They come in a range of different shapes in beautiful pastel shades.


We hope this post has inspired you to reduce your plastic usage and go plastic free! For more information and to join over a million people worldwide in the Plastic Free July Movement, then click here. To find out more about plastic pollution, especially the impact of single use plastic on our oceans, this article by SLO Active is a great read and real eye-opener about the serious dangers of plastic to our environment and the measures we need take to reduce the problem.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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