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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Discover our Father’s Day gift guide from homeArama featuring design-conscious accessories, must-have gadgets, luxury grooming essentials alongside hand-painted collectibles!

May is nearly over and Father’s Day is fast approaching – FYI guys it’s the 17th June this year, it’s time to starting thinking about what to get your Dad for this special day. And if you are anything like us, this always and I mean ALWAYS ends in a panic – why is finding a gift for your Dad so notoriously hard!?! Especially when you ask his what he wants and he tells you that he has everything he ‘needs’ – helpful Dad, real helpful!! But no matter how challenging the task your Dad deserves a gift to thank him for those many years of unconditionally support and encouragement.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018

So with that in mind, we have put together our ultimate homeArama Father’s Day Gift Guide with something special for every type of Dad and for every budget, to show him how much you appreciate the hero he really is! Whether your Dad is an Outdoorsy Dad who loves nothing more than being active and spends his free time exploring the great outdoors, or maybe he is a Techie Dad who loves the latest gadgets and who’s smartphone or tablet is never far out of reach, or is he a Social Dad who loves to host and entertain, and has a taste for the finer things in life, then you have the Dapper Dad who appreciates good design, craftsmanship and loves luxury grooming products, or how about the Just Dad, the Dad who has everything! We’ve got a gift for every type of Dad, that he is guaranteed to love this Father’s Day!

So be creative this Father’s Day, forget the usual socks and aftershave, and spoil your Dad with a truly unique and thoughtful gift from our great range of independent brands here at homeArama:

Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide

  1. Elephant Parade Satao 1ocm designed by Richard Branson, £37.95 – with so many designs and subjects, not to mention the great cause profits go towards, we think Elephant Parade makes the best gift around. Browse the collection and find the perfect ellie for your Dad!
  2. Italesse Alavin Decanter Set, £99 – is your Dad a wine lover? Then our stunningly designed mouth-blown glass Alavin Decanter from Italian brand Italesse is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. The decanter comes with a black acrylic ice-bucket base ideal for serving wine at the right temperature even during the warmest of days!
  3. Hukka Set of 10 Soapstone Ice Cubes, £14.95 – made from natural Finnish soapstone, these ice cubes have the unique ability to stay colder for longer, perfect for keeping your drinks ice cold! Plus they won’t melt like ordinary ice cubes and dilute your drink!
  4. Bosign iPad and Tablet Pillow in Grey, £24.95 – this clever tablet accessory makes using your tablet or iPad even easier! Thanks to the beanbag filling you can adjust the TabletPillow so that it always has the best possible angle, not matter what position you are in – the perfect gift for any tech loving Dad this Father’s Day!
  5. Equa BPA-Free 600ml Plastic Water Bottle in Blue, £9.95 – refill, reuse and hydrate in style with trendy BPA-free plastic water bottle from Equa. With a capacity of 600ml this on-the-go friendly water bottle is perfect for keeping him hydrated at all times, whether at his desk at work, next to him while exercising or in his bag when on the move!
  6. Meori Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Storage Box in Navy, £49.95 –  made from high-grade, tear-proof, dirt and water resistant polyester, this tough and practical foldable storage box will keep up with all of Dad’s outdoor adventures! Perfect for camping, hiking and beach trips, the box also includes large grommets making it easy to secure to boats, cars or trucks.
  7. Royal VKB D-Cap Dual Purpose Bottle Opener, £9.95 – this multi-purpose bottle opener can be used for both removing caps from traditional glass beer bottles and for twisting off lids found on plastic drinking bottles – a great gift for your Dad this Father’s Day!
  8. Bahne Crystal Decanter, £34.95 – this affordable crystal decanter is great for displaying Brandy, Whisky or any drink of his choice – the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who enjoys an evening drink! It’s classic design means it will blend well with any decor scheme.
  9. Ukko Stainless Steel Flask with Black Leather Case, £69.95 –  a stunning blend of masculine stainless steel and sleek modern Finnish design the Ukko Flask is the best hip flask around for those men who enjoy an outdoor activity and a little tipple whilst doing it! Packaged in a natural black leather case, this hip flask is really a unique gift any Dad would love this Father’s Day!
  10. Jalo Phoenix Fire Extinguisher in Black, £89.95 – fire extinguishers are usually bulky, heavy and ugly so why not surprise your Dad with this stylish hi-tech option from Jalo. Great for when he is working in the shed, cooking in the kitchen or even manning the BBQ!
  11. Hukka Set of 2 Soapstone Shot/Schnapps Glasses, £21.95 – freeze the stone and not the alcohol! The unique properties of soapstone mean that these shot glasses can be put into the freezer full of Vodka to ensure they are at their coldest for when Dad takes a sip!
  12. Kinto Loop Tea Strainer, £12.95 – is your Dad a tea lover, then our smart Kinto Loop Tea Strainer is the perfect gift for him! Simply open the slidable part and scoop tea leaves directly into the strainer without a teaspoon, then slide the strainer closed and place it in your cup of hot water – it really is as simple as that! Plus it comes with a handy stand, which you can place the strainer into once your tea has brewed.
  13. Ecooking Men’s Skincare Starter Set, £49 – Ecooking is a Danish skincare brand, all of their products are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients and are packaged in a minimalist Scandi-style! This starter kit contains 5 skincare items designed especially for men’s skin, the set includes: 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash, Cleansing Gel, Beard and Body Oil, Facial Cream and a pack of 10 Wet Wipes. The perfect Father’s Day gift for any style conscious man!
  14. Italesse Rock Gobbler Glass from the Wormwood Collection, £9.95 – part of the Wormwood Collection of cocktail glasses designed by Giancarlo Mancino the renowned master of cocktails, the Rock Gobbler is ideal for enjoying a scotch on the rocks, or if Dad prefers to be James Bond, then check out the Martini Astoria option!
  15. Bosign Hideaway Cable Organised in Dark Wood, £24.95 – declutter and hide unsightly cables and wires with the stylish Hideaway Cable Organised from Bosign, a great gift for any house-proud Dad.

That was just a little taster of all the great gifts with have for your Dad this Father’s Day. To shop our full Father’s Day Gift Guide please click here or visit our website

Hope you all have a lovely Father’s Day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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