Welcome to homeArama!

homeArama is a lifestyle blog with a focus on independent home and gift brands from around the world, supported by our fabulous webshop www.homearama.co.uk. If you are bored of the high street and tired of the samey-ness of the major stores – then you have come to the right place!

homeArama was formed around 10 years ago by Mike and Caroline born of a desire to bring little known home and gift brands from around the globe to the UK market. Their aim was, and remains, to offer high-quality, well-designed, beautiful yet functional products at a fair price that are built to last and yet stand apart from the madding crowd.

Inspiration behind the name? We simply combine the word “home” with the word “panorama” to create “homeArama” – suggesting a wide variety of products for, you guessed it, the home!

homeArama Shop

Our offices and warehouse are based in Bampton, Oxfordshire, which as it happens is the beautiful village featured in the filming of Downton Abbey (although it must be said that our offices and warehouse are no match for Downton Abbey as they were previously a Ministry of Defence listening station!) Not that we can really complain as we do benefit from a stunning view of open fields and farmlands – the perfect spot to take Bertie and Alfie, our company mascots, for a quick walk when it’s time for a coffee break!

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