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Stylish storage solutions for your home!

Does your home seem to look messy and cluttered no matter how many times, or how many hours, you spend tidying it? Well fear not, here at homeArama we have put together a range of smart, and most importantly stylish, storage solutions that will have your home looking more organised in no time!

Storage or lack of it, is without a doubt one of the biggest issues for homes of all sizes. With living space reducing, rooms more open plan, kids unable to leave home, possessions increasing then storage becomes more and more of a real issue. Not just storage in areas you hardly visit; lofts, cupboards and garages but in areas you are actually living in, daily; kitchens, living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.


Simple plastic, cardboard and wooden boxes are certainly effective low cost solutions but, if we’re honest, they are certainly not solutions you want on view all day, every day for your family, friends and others to see. You need something that not only blends into your surroundings but enhances them too. So at homeArama we have gone out to the world to find such solutions. Solutions that represent the best in their field, solutions that are functional, durable, practical, beautiful and, whilst more expensive than a simple plastic box, still represent great value for money!


First up we have Hachiman from Japan – the land of function, precision and exactitude!

Hachiman, was founded on the philosophy of providing quality refined design that enriches people’s lives. They create simple yet functional, minimalist, non-wasteful and outstandingly designed products.

At homeArama we’re thrilled to offer a carefully curated selection of Hachiman storage products, which fall into three key ranges:

Balcolore Baskets – these stylish and multi-purpose storage baskets can be used to hold laundry, food, toys and so much more! Made of a flexible material and when you’re not using the basket, multiples can be stacked together – which is handy to save storage space. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, and multiple colour options.

Balcolore Baskets: small, medium and large // Shows how they stack inside each other when not in use
Balcolore Baskets from Hachiman

Omnioffre Boxes – these simple yet stylish rectangular storage boxes are easy to carry and are made of a really soft, non-scratch material, that looks a little like corrugated cardboard but an awful lot stronger! Multiple boxes can be stacked together like bricks – great for making the most of small spaces! A protective felt sheet is included at the bottom of the box to create a cushioning surface. Available in three sizes, small, medium or large, and a range of colours.


Omnioffre Boxes from Hachiman

Omnioutil Buckets – one of our personal favourites, the Omnioutil Bucket may look like a commonplace item at first glance, but it actually offers unlimited possibilities! A stylish storage container that can also double up as a stool or coffee table (trust us you can even stand on it!), – what’s not to love?! From tools to toys there are basically no limits for what these buckets can be used for! And when they’re not in use that can be easily stacked inside each other to save storage space. Available in three sizes; small, medium and large, in a wide range of colours.

Hachiman Omnioutil Buckets
The multi-purpose and all round completely awesome Omnioutil storage buckets from Hachiman!


Next up we have the foldable storage boxes from our German brand Meori. Now as you would expect from any German product, these Meori boxes are made to last; they are tough, durable, practical and the best of their type. There is nothing these boxes cannot do! Made from high-grade, tear-proof, dirt-resistant polyester, these boxes can be used anywhere and everywhere! They are perfect for organising your home, for running errands, for decluttering the boot of your car, for storing your shopping in, for beach days, for camping holidays, for outdoor adventures and pretty much anything else where you need a smart, strong, sturdy and stylish storage box that can fold away neatly after use.

Meori foldable boxes in use around the home to help inspire you!

The really great and unique thing about our Meori boxes is that they can be folded away neatly when not in use. This is a real benefit as when your not using your storage box to store things they up end taking up a lot of room and actually contributing to your clutter instead of solving it – not great!! Another benefit of them being foldable is it makes them a lot more portable. For example you can keep them flat-pack in the boot of your car and then fold them out when you need to store your shopping and carry it easily into the house.


Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, plus a wide range of colours there is a Meori box to suit every home! Meori also have a range outdoor boxes which are water-repellent and even tougher than our Classic version. The Outdoor version also features large grommets so you can easily secure it to boats, cars, trucks or wherever your adventures take you!

The tougher Outdoor version of the Meori Boxes

Verso Design

For all you Scandi, minimalist design lovers out there Verso’s birch storage ranges are the answer to your prays – simple, stylish, minimal, high quality storage items that will blend seamlessly into your home!

The Lastu storage baskets are a modern take on a true Finnish classic – the woven birch basket. Verso have modernised this iconic Finnish item by using two layers of birch instead one and by adding stylish leather or felt handles for easy carrying. The baskets are available in array of sizes and shapes. From the extra large size which makes for the perfect laundry basket, to the small herb basket size which is great for storing, you guessed it, your fresh herbs in!

Verso Lastu Baskets with Beige Leather Handles
Birch Lastu Baskets from Verso Design in use. The herb baskets are also the perfect size for storing your toiletries in!

Verso’s Koppa and Viilu ranges also have a number of great birch storage solutions. We especially love the Koppa Tool Box which is great for storing toiletries in, and the Viilu Small Basket that also doubles as a great plant pot holder when not being used to store things in!

Verso Koppa Tool Box // Verso Viilu Small Birch Basket

Aveva Design

The final range in our storage line-up is from our Swedish interiors brand Aveva Design. Aveva create colourful and functional homewares, with the aim of ‘colouring up your life!’. With a focus on sustainable ideas and materials, Aveva have taken handfelted wool and reinvented it in the home accessories arena, sustaining old traditions whilst creating a range of design conscious products perfect for use in daily life. 

Their Felt Baskets  make for a great modern, simple and colourful storage solution. Made from 100% handfelted wool and available in two shades of grey with multiple coloured handle options and three different sizes, these baskets will truly fit anywhere in your home and add a soft cosy touch to your interiors.

Aveva Felt Baskets in small, medium and large
Aveva Wool Baskets – great for storing kids toys in! As well as adding a splash of colour to the room
Aveva Felt Baskets make great storage solutions whilst adding a warm soft touch to the room

We hope this post has inspired you see storage as more than plastic or cupboard! That storage items can actually make for great interior objects and make for a positive addition to your room, whilst still doing a great and practical job of storing your things out of sight!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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