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Trend Alert: Navy

Navy is the new black.

From navy to indigo, blue is a key colour for interiors this season, and here at homeArama we are particularly LOVING the navy colour trend. This gorgeous inky colour is actually a very versatile and timeless colour. It’s a much richer and more luxurious colour than black, but still just as sophisticated – with an almost regal feel to it, and a lot more interesting than grey, plus it pairs so beautifully with almost anything that it could almost be considered a neutral colour!

Navy Interiors Pappelina

There are two main ways of bring navy into your home. The first and boldest way is by painting your walls in a navy colour. Navy walls can bring a richness and depth, as well as elegance, to your room, whilst its ability to seamlessly pair with most materials and colours means it is very versatile. Navy walls work for almost all rooms in the house. Deep regal navy walls, paired with dark wood furniture and copper accessories work perfectly for an intimate dining room setting. Navy walls with white airy furniture and wooden floors make for a cosy but sophisticated bedroom decor scheme that appeals to both men and women alike. For the kitchen, navy coloured appliances and cupboards contrasted with clean white walls and natural wooden or stone flooring will add a modern yet rustic feel to the room.  But if the thought of painting your whole room navy is a little overwhelming, a feature statement wall in navy can be just as powerful. Alternatively break up the room with one clean white wall and white furniture for a more airy and nautical look.

Check out the rooms below for some navy wall inspiration

Navy Interiors Inspiration

If you are new to navy and aren’t quite ready to take the plunge by painting your walls, don’t fear you can still bring navy into your home with statement furniture pieces and accessories. Whilst we would all love a rich navy velvet sofa or chair, sometimes big furniture pieces aren’t always practical or within budget, so we are at homeArama have compiled a list of our favourite navy accessories that can update any room without breaking the bank!!

Navy products

  1. Pappelina Fia Cotton Cushion in Denim, £49
  2. Kinto Time Porcelain Mug in Blue, £17
  3. Design Ideas ThreeSixFive Perpetual Calendar in Navy, £24.95
  4. Kinto CafePress Mug in Navy, £19
  5. Design Ideas Frisco Paper Box in Navy Blue, £19.95
  6. Elephant Parade 10 cm Bobby, £32.95
  7. 0.26L Navy Alligator S’well Bottle from the Exotics Collection, £24.95
  8. Kinto Heat Resistant Glass Unimug in Navy, £15
  9. Design Ideas Squish Soap Dish in Navy, £6.95
  10. Kinto Dune Porcelain Bowl in Navy, £15
  11. Pappelina Hand Woven Max 70 x 240cm Dark Blue and Vanilla Rug, £149
  12. Pappelina Hand Woven Mono 85 x 260cm Dark Blue and Denim Rug, £229
  13. Pappelina Hand Woven Honey 70 x 225cm Denim and Vanilla Rug, £129
  14. Pappelina Vera Cotton Cushion in Denim, £49
  15. Kinto Porcelain Couleur Tea For One Set in Navy, £45

Navy rugs or cushions are an easy way of incorporating navy into your room. We particularly love our Pappelina rugs. Hand woven from soft plastic using traditional Swedish techniques these practical but stylish rugs can be used in any room of the house and even outside too! Choose from a number of different designs, colours and patterns, ranging from the unpatterned Mono design to the eye-catching Honey pattern! Plus they are available in a number of different sizes so you would be hard pushed not to find a Pappelina rug to suit your needs.

Pappelina Navy

Navy tableware and kitchen accessories are a great way of adding a splash of navy to your kitchen or dining room. Our Kinto Dune Porcelain range in navy is a particular favourite of ours. Part of the handmade Atelier Tete Collection, each piece of the Dune collection has been handcrafted to the highest standard using techniques that have been cultivated in Japan over many years. The glossy lighter navy glaze over clear white porcelain brings a sense of transparency to the piece, allowing it to blend seamlessly into a table setting.

Kinto Navy

Pairing navy walls and interiors with copper, brass and blush pink accessories will ensure that the room doesn’t feel too dark or small.

Blush & Navy

Although delicate in colour, blush is strong in its versatility and compatibility, and can be teamed with, or contrasted against, a range of colours. This beautiful soft colour works particularly well when contrasted against the deep opulent navy.

Navy & Blush Pink Interior inspiration

With blush pink accessories being a key trend for 2016, in part due to Pantone’s colour of the year Rose Quartz, we have compiled a selection of blush pink accessories perfect for softening navy hues.

Blush pink products

  1. Miss Etoile Large Eat Me Rose Bamboo Melamine Plate, £8.75
  2. Design Ideas ThreeSixFive Calendar in Pale Pink, £24.95
  3. Kinto Dune Porcelain Bowl in Lilac, £15
  4. Pappelina Fia Cotton Chenille Blanket in Piglet Pink, £84
  5. Pappelina Hand Woven Ella 70 x 225 cm Pale Rose and Vanilla Rug, £129
  6. Pappelina Hand Woven Rex 70 x 240 cm Pale Rose Rug, £149
  7. Miss Etoile Rose Stripe Ceramic Pot, £12.45
  8. Design Ideas Set of 3 Squish Round Containers in Pale Pink, £24.95
  9. Miss Etoile Rose Stripe ‘Enjoy’ Tin Box, £8.75

Blush also works well with another one of our accessory choices for navy: copper and brass.

Copper/Brass & Navy

Adding copper and brass accessories to navy hues creates a more modern feel to a room. The rich opulent nature of navy, pairs well with the luxurious and glamorous characteristics of copper and brass. Plus these metals can blend in with any decor style, from the modern and contemporary to the traditional.

Navy & Copper Interior Inspiration

See below for our top copper and brass picks, perfect for adding a glamorous touch to a room without being ostentatious.

Copper products 2

  1. Design Ideas Cabo Letter Holder in Hand Woven Copper Wire, £12.95
  2. Elephant Parade 10 cm Pretty and Pink, £32.95
  3. Design Ideas Nicolai Large Candleholder in Copper, £6.95
  4. Rikki Tikki Oh My Deer Large Bronze Skull Head, £29.95
  5. Design Ideas Zen Spirit Candle, £22.95
  6. Design Ideas Coburn Bowl in Copper, £32.95
  7. Design Ideas Medium Cabo Storage Nest in Hand Woven Copper Wire, £32.95
  8. Design Ideas Coburn Small Tealight Boat in Copper, £22.95

Hope this post has inspired you to introduce a splash or even tidal-wave of navy into your home!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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