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Given the amazing success already of our FeelGreen Eco-friendly seed range called Ecocube we thought we should give it a go ourselves so that we too could share the fun!

Ecocubes are a stylish, easy and eco-friendly way of bringing fresh plants into your home. You can choose from a wide range of herbs, flowering and exotic plants, so there is something for everyone. Plus once your Ecocube has grown you can easily re-pot it outside as the cube itself is 100% biodegradable – it really is the perfect gift for any occasion!

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Ecocube 1

First things first we needed to chose which seeds we were going to grow. We ended up choosing 2 different seed types, the first Rosemary which we are extremely familiar with, and the second Palm Tree which seems so much more exotic and is certainly something we have never grown at home before (plus maybe if we could grow a Palm Tree we could get some tropical sun too – there is nothing wrong with some wishful thinking!!)

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To start we simply took the wrapping off and then unpeeled the foil covers, so far so good – even for a plant amateur like ourselves!

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Feel Green Image 3

Next comes the really complex bit…. just joking…we added some (carefully measured) water!!

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And voila in just a few minutes our seeds are ready to go and now we have placed them in a warm sunny window sill area so we can watch, see and report what happens in the coming days.

Just in case you forget any of the steps above, the Ecocube’s come with a handy Care Instructions booklet, perfect for first-time plant carers such as ourselves!

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We would love to hear all about your Ecocube stories, so please tag us on twitter @homearamauk or instagram @homearamauk and use the hashtag #ecocubeseeds

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