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Drinking Cocktails with homeArama!

Hello there, did you know the rage is now more wake me up Espresso Martini Cocktail rather than the original shaken not stirred Vodka Martini Cocktail made famous by a certain secret Agent…

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Well, whatever your cocktail preference we have the perfect, and best, range of cocktail glasses in the world…a bold statement for sure but one we are confident we can back up, especially as we have now tested the glasses ourselves with suitable contents!

Welcome to the range of Wormwood

Conceived by Italesse of Italy, a renowned glassware supplier to many professional bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels around the world, as well as to most French Champagne houses and many wine and spirit producers. Italesse took their idea to two leading individual and creative experts in their field.

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The Designer – Luca Trazzi, a world famous architect renowned for designing buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as his home town of Verona. Plus known for a number of prestigious product design collaborations with Swatch, Illy, Guzzini and more.

The Creator – Giancarlo Mancino is a celebrity and gifted bartender who has travelled the world promoting the world of cocktails and advising top hotel and restaurant chains on their bar management, styling and offer. He also has his own range of artisanal Vermouths.

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The Name – Wormwood is a herb that is used for digestive problems such as loss of appetite, for digestive disorders generally, for healing wounds and insect bites. Wormwood oil can be found used as a fragrance component in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. Perhaps however it’s main claim to fame is its use in some alcoholic beverages including Vermouth and most famously Absinthe, popularised by famous artists and writers such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Manet, van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway, and Oscar Wilde.

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The Collection – Wormwood from Italesse created by Mancino designed by Trazzi

Each glass within the Wormwood collection has a specific purpose, its shaping, its styling, its measurements are all dictated by the drink it is intended for. From Cocktails, to Martini’s to Wines to Whiskies to Gin & Tonics, there is a glass for the purpose and a glass for you. The attention to detail is exquisite, the look sophisticated enough to grace any bar, table or club. The Wormwood collection itself now comprises 8 models all with a specific function:

The Astoria – a uniquely styled glass designed to evoke the “Belle Epoque”, the Astoria is specifically designed to serve Martini’s as well as other cocktails.
The Presidente – perfectly styled for the more exotic cocktail, especially those based on champagne or other sparkling wines. Capacity 135cc.
The Double Presidente – a larger but still beautifully proportioned version of the original Presidente. Capacity 220cc.
The Rock Gobbler – specifically and elegantly designed for drinks on the rocks, the short stem allowing the drink to be maintained at a constant temperature. Capacity 230cc.
The Alto-Ball – created for the longer drink especially the Gin & Tonic as well as craft beers. Again the short stem allows the drink to be maintained at a constant temperature. Capacity 310cc.
The Galante – a balanced shape intended for the very best of your wines, red or white, both will suit the wide bowl and narrow mouth. Capacity 490cc.
The Fizz – a charming and delicate, slender flute designed to elevate the serving and tasting of Champagne, prosecco, spumanti and other sparkling cocktails. Capacity 260cc.
The Gallone – drawing its inspiration from flagons and jugs of the past the Gallone is specifically designed for the preparation and serving of one or more cocktail measures. Capacity 1000cc.

All glasses come in simple plain glass or an option stunningly etched with a pattern of wormwood leaves and garden sprites adding sparkle and style to any drink added.

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The Wormwood collection epitomises everything that was great about the Belle Epoche; sophistication, style, elegance, beauty, luxury, combined with a slice of practicality, function and durability. We found all the glasses to fit in the hand perfectly, to present the chosen drink delightfully and to be comfortable to hold and easy to drink from. In terms of practicality all are made from the highest quality materials making them tough for use and easy to clean – they are all dishwasher safe. We simply cannot praise them highly enough and nor, it seems, can Quaglino’s, the famous bar and restaurant in Mayfair London who are now using them in their cocktail bar.

And now to the practicalities…how do you make a Martini?

Well for an Espresso Martini, we recommend you take 30ml of a coffee liquor such as Tia Maria (though other brands will also do!), 30ml espresso coffee, 45ml vodka and 15ml liquid sugar. Combine all the ingredients together with crushed ice in a Boston shaker, or similar, and shake. Then pour into your Wormwood Astoria glass and garnish with a few whole coffee beans. While to make a James Bond Vodka Martini…60ml gin, 20ml vodka, 10ml Lillet Blanc (a French Vermouth) or Cocchi Americano (an American Vermouth)…But beware, don’t drink too many of either!

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