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More and more of us are rediscovering the joy of playing games with family and friends of all ages. Covid restrictions, changing weather patterns and high inflation have all led to us spending more time at home and, as a result, finding new ways to entertain ourselves and those close to us.

Remember from Germany are renowned for taking everyday home and living products and applying their own colourful take to the design. They have now created a range of both traditional and modern games that don’t just look beautiful but are simply a joy to play.

In terms of games that require dexterity and balance together with an eye for what goes where we have the likes of Jacobo, Woodman, Torrino, Thirty and Kubus, named in the order they are shown below.

Dexterity & Balance Games

Their range of Pelmanism Memory Games are created from the most stunning photographs and images. These unique games are great for young and old alike as they help train the mind and eyes. Basically you have up to 44 pairs of matching images all based on one subject. So they may all be different breeds of cat, of dog, of wild animal or of city scenes or ocean life, there are many to choose from. Simply place all the cards face down on a flat surface and shuffle. The first person turns over any 2 cards picked at random. If they match then they keep them and take another turn. If they do not match then they are turned face down in exactly the same place and the turn moves to the next player. As the game progresses the skill is to remember where cards are so you can start to make pairs. The winner is the player with the most pairs. Sets, shown in order, include Signale, Around The World, Baby Animals, Flowers, Roly Poly, Food, Dogs, Ocean and Cats.

Pelmanism Memory Games

Their collection of well known board and family games given the “Remember” touch includes traditional winners such as Backgammon, Sudoku, Stickado and Solitaire, again shown in the order named.

Traditional Games

These are followed by a collection of some lesser known but equally fun and challenging games such as Tangram, Skubbe, Mancala, Shut The Box, Halma Chinese Chequers and Catch, all shown in order. Each and every one provides a visual feast combined with a need to fully concentrate otherwise you could easily end up losing!

Lesser Known Games

Remember’s puzzles are full of colour and pattern each comprising 500 pieces. The designs are chosen to be challenging for all ages providing hours of fun. Beautifully printed on high quality card they all come gift packed in a durable tube.


Remember also have a small range of Outdoor Games including a soft and fully waterproof football plus their Boccia Set of soft bowls for use indoors or out and their highly coloured and waterproof set of tennis bats and balls.

Outdoor Games

Remember – fun for all the family and, in fact, fun for everyone. Find the range here.

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