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Chai And How To Make It At Home

The word Chai simply means “tea” in Hindi so, if you ask for Chai Tea in India, then you are actually asking for Tea Tea! Chai, or if you prefer, Indian tea, is rich and milky, deeply coloured, steaming hot, and boldly flavourful with a definite need for sugar to offset the toasty bitterness.When asking… Continue reading Chai And How To Make It At Home

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Games For All The Family

More and more of us are rediscovering the joy of playing games with family and friends of all ages. Covid restrictions, changing weather patterns and high inflation have all led to us spending more time at home and, as a result, finding new ways to entertain ourselves and those close to us. Remember from Germany… Continue reading Games For All The Family

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Brighten Your World With Remember!

Remember Started over 20 years ago in Germany the Remember brand has established itself around the world creating a reputation for designing high quality and sustainable products distinguished by their use of bright, vibrant colours that bring joy and happiness to any family home. Outdoor Products Whether for the garden, the beach or for when… Continue reading Brighten Your World With Remember!

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Ambiente is back after 3 years!

Europe’s biggest Homewares Trade Show is back with a vengeance! We were all looking forward to the day it opened and we weren’t disappointed, it was great! Flying out from Heathrow on a direct BA flight to Frankfurt the girls really were excited to get back on the road to greet and meet old friends,… Continue reading Ambiente is back after 3 years!

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Repurpose Your Bottles Into Table Lamps!

Bottlelights The Amazing Lamp for All Bottles! An amazing product designed and developed in Germany the Bottlelight requires no wiring, no assembly, in fact no work at all other than simply dropping it into virtually any empty bottle you have handy to create a low-cost instant lamp that doesn’t require electricity! Simply twist the top… Continue reading Repurpose Your Bottles Into Table Lamps!

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Etoile The Perfect Flute & Wine Glasses

The Etoile Range The Etoile range was conceived and created by Italesse of Trieste, Italy in conjunction with renowned designer Luca Bini and the official Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, an association founded in 1840 to bring together the top most passionate and distinguished Chefs in France, many of whom have Michelin stars to their name.… Continue reading Etoile The Perfect Flute & Wine Glasses

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Black Tea is GOOD and HEALTHY for you!

A recent study of the potential health benefits of drinking black tea (Aug 30 2022 by the National Cancer Institute) of 500,000 tea drinkers (male & female aged 40 to 69) has shown that higher tea intake is linked to a lowered risk of death. Black tea is the most common type of tea consumed… Continue reading Black Tea is GOOD and HEALTHY for you!

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BIOVYN™- Natural PVC Without Fossil (Oil)!

BIOVYN™ is an exciting new natural and eco-friendly PVC produced from non-fossil wood based pulp waste and so contains no fossil derived oil. It has the same properties as oil based PVC including a 100 year life.Sustainability in action and Pappelina are unique in using BIOVYN™ to launch their stunning new Vera 2.0 range of… Continue reading BIOVYN™- Natural PVC Without Fossil (Oil)!

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Storage – Hiding in full view!

Limited Space to keep your bits! As our living space becomes smaller and more contained with many homes now lacking lofts, basements and garages storing clutter out of sight becomes harder and harder. Equally most storage boxes and bags are simply functional with no styling at all so no-one wants to put them on show.… Continue reading Storage – Hiding in full view!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s less than a week until Mother’s Day, but don’t worry, here at homeArama we have put together a useful gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day! Be creative this Mother’s Day, forget the usual chocolates and flowers, and get your Mum a truly unique and thoughtful… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide