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Etoile The Perfect Flute & Wine Glasses

The Italesse Etoile Collection

The Etoile Range

The Italesse Etoile Sparkle Flute, Noir Red Wine, Blanc White Wine Glasses

The Etoile range was conceived and created by Italesse of Trieste, Italy in conjunction with renowned designer Luca Bini and the official Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, an association founded in 1840 to bring together the top most passionate and distinguished Chefs in France, many of whom have Michelin stars to their name. The mission was to create a glassware range that was not just incredibly stylish and functional but also able to withstand the rigours of a professional restaurant. The Etoile range now appears on the tables of many of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

The Etoile Sparkle Flute

Italesse Etoile Sparkle with perlage points

The Perlage (or bubble) points
The star of the show is the Etoile Sparkle Flute with its unique 7 perlage (bubble) points. Six equidistant micro-dots are laser etched in a precise 20mm circle around the bottom of the glass with a seventh in the centre over the glass’s stem. These tiny etchings serve to promote and heighten perlage, allowing more bubbles and thus fizz to form, enlivening the wine and enhancing the wine tasting experience. The perlage opens up the wine’s subtlest favors as well as ensuring a lasting visual effect.

The Etoile Sparkle, Noir & Blanc glasses.

Italesse Etoile Sparkle Flute, Noir Red Wine and Blanc White Wine Glasses in use

The 3 glasses all share the same following attributes:

A narrow mouth diameter.
The bowl of each glass takes inspiration from the shape of a closed tulip in 3 varying and proportioned sizes, all designed to bring harmony and to elevate the tasting experience. Each glass type features a narrow mouth that channels the wine’s aromas to the nose and mouth.

A flat base and wide bowl diameter.
All 3 glasses possess the same look evoking the iconic Champagne coupe in varying degrees. In the case of the unique sparkling wine glass the bowl is intentionally broader than the others to allow the perlage (bubbles) to quickly and continuously rise to the surface and, by doing so, releasing more of the sparkling wines fragrant qualities. In contrast with the wide open Champagne coupe the delicate aromas actually collect in the middle of the glass by virtue of the bowl’s tapering shape allowing for “the full expression of the wine’s organoleptic** attributes without dispersing them”; a technical limitation of the coupe.
**Organoleptic properties are the aspects of food, water or other substances that create an individual experience via the senses—including taste, sight, smell, and touch.

A tall bowl with straight, tapering walls.
All 3 glasses possess tall, upright walls that reinterpret those of the traditional flute, a timeless classic for tasting Champagnes and sparkling wines. The Etoile collection revives these elements in its own contemporary style creating a shape that directs the flow of the wine directly onto the tongue, allowing for an immediate appreciation of the vintage’s full qualities.

A long, elegant stem.
Aside from adding allure to the design, this long, elegant stem also has a functional and logical purpose. The length of the stem ensures that your hand holds the glass at an ideal distance from the wine to avoid the transfer of heat and thus ensuring the glass’s contents remain at an optimal temperature for tasting.

Xtreme Glass
The Etoile Range is made from Xtreme Glass with is totally unique to Italesse using a secret glass mix. It is leadfree, extremely tough and durable, crystal clear, in effect a professional range for those who seek extreme strength, brightness and quality. It is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Etoile – The Best Flute & Wine Glasses For Your Table

Italesse Etoile Table Image
Italesse Etoile Venice Image
Italesse Etoile With Dessert Image
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