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Repurpose Your Bottles Into Table Lamps!

Bottlelamps in Wine Bottles

Bottlelights The Amazing Lamp for All Bottles!

An amazing product designed and developed in Germany the Bottlelight requires no wiring, no assembly, in fact no work at all other than simply dropping it into virtually any empty bottle you have handy to create a low-cost instant lamp that doesn’t require electricity!

Bottlelight in Bottles with Colour

Simply twist the top to turn on or off. The diameter is designed to fit into most, if not all, bottles including wine bottles, water bottles, spirit bottles and even “designer” bottles. It has a rubber “O” ring at the top to ensure a perfect seal and fit.

It is available in white or warm-white with or without dimmability. There is also a top of the range option that allows you, in the one lamp, to select from an amazing 27 colour options. You can do this manually simply by turning it on its side or set it to Auto mode so it scrolls through all colours automatically.

Bottlelight in White & Warmwhite

The Bottlelight itself is built to last and fully weatherproof so works happily indoors or out. It uses either 3 x standard or rechargeable batteries that, depending on light intensity selected, will last for up to 120 hours or, based on 5 hours use an evening from 6pm to 11pm say, 24 days which, we think, is pretty amazing!

Bottlelight Multi Colours

So Easy To Use!

Whether you are using the single colour option or the multi-colour option the Bottlesticks really are just so simple to operate as everything is controlled either by a simple twist of the top or a swivel of the light-stick itself. Using solid state of the art components combined with the best materials and manufacturing processes the Bottlelight is designed to last for around 100,000 hours or, based on that 5 hours per evening, 20,000 evenings which is an awful lot of evenings!

Bottlelights on the Beach
Bottlelights at Dusk
Bottlelights on the Table
Bottlelights Table Setting
Bottlelights in Wine Bottles

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