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A close up view of Mirrors!

AirMirrors from Bosign of Sweden

Bosign of Sweden have designed and manufactured a high quality, affordable, from £23.95, and unique range of fixed yet portable mirrors that transform applying make-up, plucking eyebrows, cleansing skin and simply taking care of your face due to their various levels of magnification.

Air Mirror Unique Benefits

  • Easily detachable for a handheld close up view
  • Once detached you can carry the mirror anywhere
  • Swivels to any angle needed
  • Grip friendly soft silicone rim and body
  • Large facial view
  • Sharp close up view with a distortion-free mirror
  • Shower proof and “stickable” anywhere!
  • Easy to clean and rust free

Great for

  • Applying make-up
  • Up close grooming
  • General skincare
  • Plucking eyebrows
  • Putting in contact lenses
  • Carrying around as you travel
  • Improving close up vision in the same way as reading glasses


The original AirMirror has a diameter of 11.0cm and comes in 3 magnifications: 5x, 10x and 15x with the bestseller being the 10x option as this is a great magnification level for those of us who are a little bit older and in need of reading glasses! 5x is a small magnification level which just helps pick out a little more detail, great to use if you have good eyesight and lighting around you. 15x is the highest level which some may find a bit strong.

The original AirMirror has a smooth dome fixing that can be attached by a supplied long lasting sticky pad or, for a more permanent fixing, with supplied screws. The mirror then attaches magnetically by placing the recess on the back onto the dome, once secured the mirror is easy to turn and position any which way.


The new Large Air Mirror still comes in the 3 regular magnifications of 5x, 10x and 15x but with a much larger diameter of 16.5cm so is more a full face mirror. Fixing is in the same way as the smaller option, simply stick or screw the magnetic holder to the chosen surface and voila it’s done! The mirror then sticks to the holder but can also be freely swiveled in any direction.


The brand new Air Mirror Table Stand has a heavy supportive base with a magnetic round head to which the Mirror simply attaches. The diameter is the same as the Large Air Mirror, 16.5cm, and it again comes in the 5x, 10x and 15x magnifications.


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