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Storage – Hiding in full view!

Limited Space to keep your bits!

As our living space becomes smaller and more contained with many homes now lacking lofts, basements and garages storing clutter out of sight becomes harder and harder. Equally most storage boxes and bags are simply functional with no styling at all so no-one wants to put them on show. So we have no hideaway space and no boxes we can display!

De-clutter the Japanese Way!

Well all that ends with the fantastic Hachiman of Japan range of storage buckets, baskets and boxes. Now you can hide your clutter proudly in full view!

Hachiman is a family owned company founded in 1965 and based in the beautiful Japanese village of Gujo Hachiman, located in central Gifu it is known for its beautiful waterways and serenity.

A typical scene from Gujo Hachiman, the village attracts visitors from all over Japan.

The Hachiman Collection

Comprises 4 distinct product ranges:
The Balcolore Laundry and Storage Baskets
The Omnioffre Carry and Storage Boxes
The Omnioutil Stool and Storage Buckets
The Cestino Laundry and Storage Boxes

The Balcolore

Comes in 4 sizes and is great for carrying and storing laundry, shopping, toys, dirty boots, cleaning products and anything you can think of. It is made of tough, long lasting, thick walled plastic with extremely strong and comfortable rope handles. It comes in a range of soft tones through to bright colours and looks good every where it’s left.

The Omnioffre

A range of stacking carry boxes in 3 sizes all of which nest together to create storage towers wherever necessary. Made of extremely strong flexible plastic they are great for carrying and storing anything you want and are also easy to wipe clean and stain resistant. The carry handles are built to last yet comfortable to hold and each box comes with a felt floor cover to prevent the base from scratching.

The Omnioutil

These Stool and Storage Buckets come in 4 sizes and a vast range of colours from subtles to brights, in fact a colour and a shade for every room and interior indoors or out. The Buckets are made of extremely sturdy plastic and all come with a strong carry handle, which also has a special hose holder, plus a tray that can also be used as a tray. Incredibly tough and durable they can withstand temperatures from -20 to 120C, take a weight of up to 23.5 stone (150kg/330lbs) and are sun, scratch and stain resistant.

Perfect to use as a:

Water Pail | Carrying Bucket | Vegetable Store | Compost Bin | Waste Can | Laundry Basket | Storage Canister | Home Brewing Cask | Drinks/Ice Bucket | Stool | Side Table | Steps

The Cestino

This range is a little more functional but even so its overall design, quality and colour selection, especially when the soft tones arrive, still sets it apart from the competition in every way! Comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large all with a complementary lid!

Japanese Zen for Storage

In summary Hachiman brings storage out into the open and here at homeArama we have the largest range available in the UK!

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