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Someone has to do it!

It’s true that cleaning the toilet is no-one’s favourite task but, like so many unpleasant things, it just has to be done by someone with something! Well that someone in this house is me but the something has just changed to the unique patented designer functional good looking Rode Toilet Cleaner and wow what a difference it makes!

Admittedly it’s not the most romantic of subjects we’re writing about here but then again it is something that frankly effects all of us everyday; whether at home, at play, at work or even in public places and, as we have a truly great and unique solution, we just wanted to share the benefits so here we go…

Rode of Denmark, a new family run business, have developed, and patented, the ultimate toilet brush with a difference the Rode Toilet Cleaner.

It is totally unlike any standard toilet brush currently on the market in 3 specific ways:


First the head is made of the highest grade quality 100% silicon. This means not only is it durable, long lasting and able to deal with the toughest of stains but also it is extremely flexible enabling it to get every nook and cranny and at any angle.

Second the nodules on the head are small and tough designed not only to enable you to scrub away as hard as you like without damaging them but also to simply clean them by just rinsing in water.

Third silicon is colour fast, odour proof and stain resistant and so looks as good as new throughout its long life time.

No Stains – No Smells – No Mould – No Germs – No Mess – No Nonsense

The Rode Toilet Cleaner comes in 2 pieces, the Cleaner itself and the Holder which is angled so that the Cleaner tool slips in easily and stands totally upright. The holder is also easy to rinse clean.

There are 3 colourways: All Black, All White and a White & Black mix. All 3 options can be easily wall mounted with a simple bracket fixing which takes it off the floor for easy cleaning, a key benefit especially in commercial environments especially hotels where every second spent cleaning counts! The bracket allows the Holder to be slipped on or off.

Why not check out the fun Rode Video right HERE!

The Rode Toilet Cleaner also has the benefit of looking beautiful anywhere you choose to put it which is more than can be said for most toilet cleaners and brushes! A winner each and every way so get yours now!!

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