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Hachiman takes on the toughest of jobs!

Loads of colours, many sizes

We have been partnered with Hachiman of Japan for several years now and we never cease to be amazed about the beauty and yet practicality, durability, flexibility and wide range of their buckets, baskets and boxes. Every one is produced to the highest standards using environmentally friendly materials, processes and practices. Whilst they are recyclable we have to ask why even think of recycling as they will last a lifetime and beyond…a family heirloom in fact! Why not!

Hachiman meets the fireplace!

Above a Large Black Hachiman Balcolore Basket and a Large Black Hachiman Omnioutil Bucket combine, one for wood, one for coal. Not only do they look in keeping with this traditional, and very old, fireplace but they certainly do the job! Strong, good looking, easy clean and durable they are heat resistant and are quite happy standing next to a full on fire!

Here again a Large Black Omnioutil Bucket is being used for the coal but this time it is combined with a Large Coffee Balcolore Basket to complement the more modern wooden surroundings. The multi-burner produces significant heat as you would expect but again both products have stood the test of temperature and time!

Switched to a Large White Omnioutil Bucket to lighten the look it is of course true to say the coal dust and coal marks will show up more but all is easily cleanable. And just flick the lid down to create a simple side table.

Even an extremely modern fire setting suits the Hachiman collection with a Coffee coloured Large Balcolore Basket neatly holding the kindling and logs whilst complementing the surrounding room style and furniture. Strong enough as all products are to be carried inside and out, around the home when fully laden.

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