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Changing Times Around The World

Wow!! We’ve only just realised that, whilst it may seem like yesterday, its been since November that we last posted to our Blog! So much has happened since then, and is still happening, that we just never seemed able to find the time so, today, we thought we would discipline ourselves and do the deed… add to our Blog. But what to add? Well we thought we would do a quick catch up on some of whats been added to the site since November, all those months ago! Some old, some favourites, some new!



Great for indoors and out Pappelina rugs continue to go from strength to strength adding new colours, new designs and a new world unique width of 230cm, something no-one else can offer. Among many great features all Pappelina rugs can be vacuumed, mopped, machine washed, hosed and even jet washed so that, given today’s health conscious environment, you can properly wash them and even use bleach to ensure they are not only clean but germ free and family safe!


Mares Tumblers with Zone Rocks Cocktail Shaker

Mares Tumblers from Italesse are not only stunningly beautiful they are also tough enough to be used in commercial bars, restaurants and hotels so can survive any dishwasher. Handmade from layers of coloured glass their brilliant colours will bring any cocktail or drink to life. Here we spent a happy weekend making cocktails using our new Rocks Cocktail Shaker from Zone of Denmark. Not only did we mix some great tastes we got some great photos too!


Rosti Bowls in Grey/Nordic Green/White/Nordic Blue

Designed in the 1950’s they are said to be the most effective and design conscious mixing bowls around. Made of the highest quality materials they meet all the needs of a good cook – deep for effective whisking, easy pour spout, simple hold finger handle and rubberised grip base. In the colours shown above, Grey, Nordic Green, White and Nordic Blue plus a smart Red for contrast and all sre in stock right now in 1.5bL, 2.0L, 3.0L and 4.0L sizes with a set of 5 white spoons available as an extra.


Zone Cameo Blue Hand Sanitiser in the Kitchen

These sophisticated hand pumps have quickly become a bestseller despite only being launched a few weeks ago. Available in 6 colourways they are guaranteed to look great in any place at home or at work… in hallways, by entrances, in kitchens, living rooms, studies, bedrooms and, of course, washrooms, bathrooms and toilets. We all need to keep our hands as clean as we possibly can and what better way to keep some hand sanitiser “to hand” anywhere you want for convenience and safety for you and for your guests and visitors.


10cm Bindi Elephant in the Wilds of a Hertfordshire Garden

New designs since Christmas, with more to come at the end of June, Elephant Parade continues to be one of our bestselling gift ranges and especially as we now offer a gift wrap service. Even if you can’t get to see your family member, friend or colleague you can still get to give them a great present that is nicely gift wrapped with a personal message from you. A wonderful surprise that is guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face in these difficult and uncertain times.


Large Yellow Perstorp Original Basket

The latest collection of practical shopping, picnic, bicycle and shoulder bags launched in Spring by Perstorp of Sweden are all now made from a green Polyethylene material completely produced from renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials such as corn, cassava, sugar cane and beets. They are totally toxin free, safe, durable and planet friendly. Not only that but they can be safely cleaned with a bleach solution after shopping and general use ensuring they are not only clean but germ free, so important these days. These bags really are “a bag for life”


Hachiman Small, Medium & Large Cestino Boxes

Picnicing, going out and about, travelling on holiday? These are the carry and storage boxes for you. Great colours, stackable, different sizes that fit on each other, tough, durable with easy carry handles plus lids that can be used as serving trays – they’ve got it all! Don’t only use for outdoors, they’re great indoors too especially for laundry and other similar jobs around the home. Easy clean too and bleach safe.


Yamazaki Magnetic Wall Mounted Holder for Keys in Black

We started with this great Japanese brand back in the Autumn and it’s doing fantastically well due, we believe, to its simple design, practical function and good looks plus, of course, an extremely high quality build standard mixed with a value for money price. What’s not to love! The wall mounting magnetic holder for keys, knickknacks and the such is leading the bestseller list at the moment, we guess as it’s just so useful and so handy. The range we carry is growing daily so don’t forget to keep an eye on it!

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