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Zen Storage & More with Hachiman Kasei of Japan

We just totally love the fabulous range on offer from Yamazaki of Japan and we have to say its already proving to be one of our bestsellers. The items themselves are designed to be totally minimalist in look whilst carefully thought out to be truly functional and useful yet at the same time taking up as little room as possible. Yamazaki understand space in all our homes is limited these days so we need products that fit without overpowering the room and that look good at the same time.

One of our favourite products is this black trolley from Yamazaki which is gorgeous to look at, sturdy, practical and able to fit into the smallest of spaces around the home. You can of course use it in the kitchen but how about the bathroom where you can fill it with spare towels, soaps, tissues, deodorants and so on. Your living room where it can become a movable cocktail cabinet, the wheels are even sturdy enough to survive a journey outside. Your home office where you can use it for pens, stationery, paper and much more. All in all a sure fired winner in our eyes.

Another of our favourite furniture pieces is this simple but extremely practical and functional coffee table. Styled to fit under your chair or settee you can move it to exactly where you want it. Perfect of course for keeping refreshments to hand but also the TV remote, papers if you are working and books if you are reading. So simple, so clever why didn’t we think of it!?

Available in either White or Black
Tall Shoe Rack

Keep your shoes just where you want them with our range of portable shoe racks. Yet another clever solution from Yamazaki, keep one of these by your front or back door for storing garden and outdoor shoes. Maybe you prefer people to wear only slippers in your home, and why not, so again just place one of these smart shoe storage units wherever you need it. Want to move it? Then just lift by the handle and, keeping your motion smooth and the unit vertical, simply carry it to wherever you want to place it.

For smaller storage items then why not look at our keyring storage products. We don’t know about you but we are always putting our house and car keys down somewhere safe never to find them again. Not only does this Yamazaki storage piece hold up to 6 keyrings separately, or portable umbrellas or a mix!, it also has a handy storage shelf for those bits and pieces you never, ever have a place for until now of course!

Our keyring storage units come in either black or white as well as with or without a smart wood look frontage for style.

Back to our bigger pieces and once again another neat solution from Yamazaki. Neat not only in its styling as ever with its clean lines and modern look but also neat in it’s size enabling it to fit almost anywhere without intruding upon your living space. We just love the way Yamazaki offer you practical solutions to life at home without ever over engineering or over sizing the result. Keep it simple as the saying goes and Yamazaki certainly do that.

Check out the full range of smart, simple yet functional and durable Yamazaki products here and keep your home storage stylish!

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