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Our New Totally Natural Beauty Range From Deepest Oxfordshire

We asked one of our female team members to try out their selection from our amazing new collection of naturally made beauty products from Leafology. She has been honest in her assessment, as we asked her to be, though of course all skin products work with different skins in different ways!

Everything is created, developed and produced by Ella, the founder and owner, deep in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

The entire range can be shopped HERE

The collection selected by our team member

The first to note about these products is the packaging. Glass jars with a metal lid makes them fully sustainable and recyclable which is great for the current climate. Also the products are full of information including the ingredients, little bit of information about the products and directions on how to use them: with products like these the directions are definitely useful.

The tea and rice bran curl butter was something I was eager to try. I have frizzy, unruly hair and this product has been very useful in taming my curls. I find coating my hair in it by warming the product in my hands and pulling it through the hair from the mid length to ends, leaving it to soak into the cuticles for 20-30 minutes as a hair mask before I wash my hair with normal shampoo and conditioner to be the best way of introducing this into my hair care routine. Doing it this way protects the length of my hair from drying out when shampooing my scalp and I have noticed my hair is more conditioned and less frizzy when I dry my hair naturally.

The purifying yellow gold cleansing balm was another product I was eager to try. Cleansing balms are for sure making their way into peoples skincare routine so I was looking forward to trying a product like this for the first time as balms are better at keeping the skin hydrated whilst removing makeup and other skin care products that are sat on the skin. Although the product was very easy to use, simply take a pea sized amount and work the product into your fingers before applying to the face in circular motions and then wiping off with a warm damp cloth, I felt that the oils in the balm left my face feeling like there was a lot of residue still there. As a result I did use another cleanser to remove the oily build up left by the balm.

The mermaid magic anti blemish and rose face buff are two masks I am very happy to keep in my skincare routine. The mermaid magic mask as it says on the jar is to help treat blemish prone skin and it does exactly that. The beautiful green colour that comes through as you mix it with water and apply to the face is truly what you want from a plant based face mask, leaving my skin less red and inflamed. The rose face buff mask is a fantastic exfoliator that has really helped to even out my skins roughness and removes all of the dead skin cells that clog the pores. The only thing I will say is that you will need to get a small pot and spoon to help mix the product with water before applying to the face and you will have to play around with what measurements work in terms of the ratio between water and powder to make a paste that is suitable for your skin and body.

Now my favourite product of them all is the eye and lip makeup remover. I have tried so many products, cloth’s and techniques to try and remove my waterproof eyeliner and mascara but none of the previous ones removed them successfully or without irritating my eye area…until this product came along. I apply warm water to a cotton pad, a few drops of the oil and then gently massage the pad onto my eye makeup and it is removed with such ease and no scrubbing necessary. I can then cleanse my face and not have my skin stinging from harsh chemicals or the force that was needed before. 

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