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Plastic is the new wool!

MAKE YOUR HOME COSY WITH PAPPELINA’S SWEDISH PLASTIC RUGS. Pappelina of Sweden are this year celebrating 20 years of designing and producing the most luxurious plastic rugs around. Like any material there are a multitude of different plastics around and, as is often the case, the worst examples give the rest a bad reputation. Plastic… Continue reading Plastic is the new wool!

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Yellow Interiors: Let Sunshine Into Your Home

Say hello to Spring by letting sunshine into your home with our range of Sunshine Yellow Interiors and home accessories! Hi guys, so it’s offically the first day of Spring today! I know that’s hard to believe after all the snow we have just had!! But what better way to embrace the beginning of Spring… Continue reading Yellow Interiors: Let Sunshine Into Your Home

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Have A Very Scandi Christmas!

Take inspiration from Scandinavian traditions and bring the magic of hygge to your celebrations this Christmas with an enchanting Scandi Christmas look! For the last couple of years, Scandinavian design – characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality – has been a popular trend in interiors and that popularity doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. That added… Continue reading Have A Very Scandi Christmas!

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Decorative Storage Solutions

Get your interior design fix and keep the clutter at a minimum with our top eight decorative storage ideas! It may sound a bit cliche but Spring really is a great time to declutter and tidy your home, but in that spring-cleaning process you will inevitability run into another problem – finding storage solutions for… Continue reading Decorative Storage Solutions

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Ambiente SS17: News from our Brands!

Hi All! The beginning of a new season is always a busy and exciting time of year for us, and this year the SS17 season was no different! January until the middle of February is always super hectic due to the amount of trade shows going on, honestly it feels like you are living out… Continue reading Ambiente SS17: News from our Brands!

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Swedish Away Day with Pappelina

From London cloud to Stockholm sun and back again! We are back safe and sound from the most fantastic trip to the offices and weavery of Pappelina. The name comes from Papper (Swedish for paper!) and Lina, the founder and creator, hence Pappelina and yes the company started as a weaver of paper, then cotton… Continue reading Swedish Away Day with Pappelina

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Award-winning Bosign design!

Some exciting news from our Swedish home accessories brand Bosign – their Spreader Knife Air Series won the Design Plus Award for innovative design at the Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, their Instant Dish Soap Dispenser was also selected in the Solutions 2016 Award category for functional innovative kitchen… Continue reading Award-winning Bosign design!