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Decorating with Houseplants: 12 Ways to Add Style

Add greenery to your home with houseplants!

As you may have noticed greenery and houseplants have become one of the biggest and most popular interiors trends of 2017. Decorating with houseplants is an affordable way of adding life and texture to your interiors and can help finish a room. Adding a splash of greenery instantly brightens up a room and creates a homely atmosphere. Indoor plants are a popular addition to homes because they are relatively low maintenance, plus they also clean the air, boost oxygen levels and bring a sense of nature into your home.

houseplants interiors inspiration
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Add a mix of different types, sizes and textures of houseplants to your space by using a variety of display methods. Larger decorative baskets are perfect for displaying a small indoor tree or plant and will fill any open space or corner. Plant hangers add a bohemian vibe to your interiors and are ideal for displaying your smaller houseplants. Small decorative plant pots and vases are great for adding a unique and interesting touch to your interiors, play with height and size to create your own statement display.

Check out our 12 decorative houseplant styling ideas guaranteed to inspire you to create your own indoor green space!

1. Bahne Oxidised Effect Gold Metal Vase or Pot, £14.95

Houseplants Bahne

Contrasting both colours and textures this stunning Oxidised Effect Gold Metal Vase from Bahne makes a stylish alternative to a standard plant pot, and will add a glamorous bohemian vibe to your interiors!


2. Miss Etoile Eyes Design Ceramic Flowerpots, from £12.95

Houseplants Miss Etoile Flowerpot

Escape the ordinary and inject some style into your home with our quirky Eyes Design Ceramic Flowerpots from Miss Etoile! Available in two of Miss Etoile’s most iconic designs, Eyes Closed and Eyes Open, and in two sizes and colourways, prices start from £12.95 for the smaller flowerpot.


3. Verso Design Birch Ladder and Basket, from £12.00

Houseplants Verso Design Ladder

Use our Verso Viilu Small Birch Basket and Tikas Birch Ladder to create a simple yet stylish Scandi-inspired indoor houseplant display! The ladder is a great way of maximising display and storage space in small rooms.


4. Miss Etoile Gold Star Ceramic Pot, £12.95

Houseplants Miss Etoile Gold Stars

Add a glamorous touch to your interiors with this trendy white with gold stars ceramic pot from Miss Etoile! Perfect for displaying small houseplants and succulents. A gold version of the same pot is also available.


5. Aveva Design Wool Flowerpot and Hanger, from £11.00

Houseplants Aveva

Add a soft cozy feel to your interiors with these stylish wool flowerpots from Swedish homewares brand Aveva Design. Made from wool and treated with natural rubber, these unique flowerpots are 100% waterproof. Place them by the window, on the floor or hang them in the air using the Flower Pot Hanger, these colourful flower pots will bring a breath of fresh air whenever they are placed. The flowerpots are available in three colours, and prices start from £16 for the small flowerpot, and £11 for the flowerpot hanger.


6. Feel Green Ecocube in Daisy, £9.95

Houseplants Ecocube

Grow your own houseplant with our stylish and eco-friendly Ecocubes from Feel Green! To grow simply peel off the outer sticker, water sufficiently and position it in a warm and sunny location. The cube itself is made of 100% biodegradable material so in time it will become valuable fertiliser for your plant. The Ecocube Collection includes a wide range of different flowers, herbs and fruits, ready for you to grow at home!


7. Cactus Vases, prices from £19.95

Houseplants Cactus Vase

Cacti are one of this seasons hottest trends! And our Cactus Vases are an easy way to update your interiors this Summer. Use with either fresh or faux flowers to create an eye-catching display. The Green Cactus Vase is from Bahne and the Gold Cactus Vase is from Miss Etoile.


8. Hachiman Storage Bucket in Pink and Yellow, from £19.95

Houseplants Hachiman Bucket

This stylish and practical storage bucket from Hachiman has a number of different uses, one being that it makes for a great plant pot! It is ideal for displaying larger houseplants and for adding a splash of colour to your home. Plus the handle makes it easy for you to move it around. Multiple colourways are available and prices start from £19.95 for the medium sized bucket.


9. Miss Etoile Eyes Closed Ceramic Pot, £12.95

Houseplants Miss Etoile Eyes Closed

Our charming Miss Etoile Eyes Closed Ceramic Pot makes for a unique and stylish way of displaying a small houseplant or succulent. This pretty pot makes for a great addition to your bedroom or office interiors.


10. Verso Design Large Lastu Birch Basket with Black Leather Handles, £69.00

Houseplants Verso Lastu

A modern take on the classic Finnish woven baskets, this stunning doubled weaved birch storage basket with black leather handles from Verso Design can also be used as an alternative plant pot for displaying large houseplants. With it’s simple and neutral design, this basket-come-plant pot will add a minimalist Scandi-inspired vibe to your interiors. The Lastu Basket Collection from Verso includes smaller sized baskets as well.


11. Kinto Kronos Double Wall Heat Resistant Clear Cup, £13.95

Houseplants Kinto

As well as making a great tea or coffee cup, the Kronos Double Wall Cup from Kinto also makes for a trendy plant pot, ideal for displaying small succulents and cacti. The outer surrounding ring makes it look as if the plant is floating in mid air!


12. Bahne Ceramic Pot designed by What About Us, £13.95

Houseplants Bahne What About Us

With a glazed finish and delicate gold detailing this on-trend ceramic pot makes for a great decorative plant pot, ideal for displaying your favourite houseplants and will complement any modern decor scheme. The pot is available in either grey or black.


We hope this post has shown you the different ways you can style your home with houseplants and inspired you to add some greenery to your interiors!


Thanks for reading 🙂

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