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Travel Guide: 7 Must-Have Travel Accessories!

Our seven travel must-haves for the holiday season!

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Going on holiday this summer? We all love a good summer holiday, the excitement of visiting a new place, the pure bliss of not having to go to work but instead spending your days chilling at the pool, eating good food and drinking lots of wine! While that all sounds amazing, the bit before you go on holiday with the last minute packing and the long travelling time can be both exhausting and boring. So minimise the stress with our seven must-have travel accessories and essentials that every traveler should have to make their summer holidays easier and stress-free!

1. Bosign 2-in-1 Travel Tablet Pillow, £24.95

Bosign 2-in-1 Travel TabletPillow

This might just be our favourite item on the list, it’s such a clever design and truly is a travel must-have! Designed by a brother and sister team based in Sweden, the travel combo pillow is ideal for anyone who travels with a tablet. It gives the perfect support to use your tablet in two different viewing positions, horizontal and vertical, great for watching movies on the plane, train or your hotel room and for playing games in the back seat of the car. Plus when you fancy a little nap, the pillow doubles as an anatomically correct support for your neck, making it easy for you to fall asleep on long journeys without getting a stiff neck! When on the move, simply clip the pillow around your suitcase handle or on a hook on your back-pack and away you go. This cleverly designed travel and tablet combo pillow is great for adults and kids alike, and will certainly make long journeys more bearable!

2. Equa Glass Water Bottle, from £21.95

Equa Travel Water Bottles

Equa Travel Water Bottles Lifestyle

It’s important to keep hydrated on holiday, especially if you are going somewhere hot (we just got back from Croatia where it was 36 degrees – never been more thankful for a water bottle!!), and these glass water bottles from Equa will keep you hydrated in style! With multiple designs available, including our summer favourite Magnolia from the Jungle Collection which features a pretty pink floral design on the front. With a capacity of 0.5L, a leak-proof lid and an ergonomic SQUEEZE shape, these stylish bottles are great for taking out and about in your handbag, backpack or beach bag! Shop the complete collection here.

3. Miss Etoile Travel Mugs and Thermos Flasks, from £12.95

Miss Etoile Travel Mugs Product

Miss Etoile Travel Mugs

Going on a road trip this summer? Well what’s the most important thing to have for a road trip, apart from a great road trip play list!, coffee of course!! Coffee is basically a road trip essential, and what better way to enjoy your coffee, and keep in nice and warm, than in our gorgeous range of thermos flasks and travel mugs from Miss Etoile! Available in a range of mix and match patterns, including Miss Etoile’s iconic Eyes Closed design, and in pretty pastel and monochrome colourways these stylish travel mugs and flasks are a must have for any summer road trip! Plus the travel mugs also come in an eco-friendly bamboo-melamine version, making them both stylish and good for the environment = a win-win!

4. Bosign Suction Mirror, from £17.95

Bosign Suction Travel Mirror

Do you always find that there are never enough mirrors in your hotel or holiday apartment because we always do! Well Bosign’s Suction Magnifying Mirror is the answer to your problems. Available in four different colours: white, grey, pink and black, and three different magnifying levels: x5, x10 and x15, this cleverly designed mirror has a magnetic fastener that allows you to rotate and turn the mirror to the best angle according to the light available – cool eh? It can be easily secured to any smooth surface, such as tiles, glass, plastic or metal, using it’s strong suction cup. The back and edge of the mirror is made from a soft silicone material, that makes it easy to grip but also protects the mirror from breaking if it is accidentally dropped when travelling – because who wants 7 years bad luck, not us!! This travel magnifying mirror is ideal to use when applying make-up, tweezing eyebrows and putting in contact lenses, and it’s compact size means it will fit into even the smallest of hand luggage!

5. Addatag Luggage Tags, from £6.95

AddaTag Travel Tags

Got to the luggage carousels and realised that your black suitcase looks the same as every other black suitcase on there!! And then accidentally nearly walked off with the wrong suitcase because it looked so similar to yours, because we have! But now you don’t have to worry about you locating your suitcase in the sea of similar looking luggage, thanks to these colourful and functional luggage tags from Swedish brand AddaTag. Available in a great range of designs, including a Country Flags range, a Moomin range – great for the kids suitcases, a Characters collection and a premium Leather collection. Made from robust and water resistant plastic, simply use the thumb-grip to turn out the name-tag, which is also made from a plastic material saving it from getting easily damaged and misshapen, and write your name and contact number in case your luggage gets lost. A travel must-have for anyone who flies a lot!

6. Miss Etoile Cosmetic Bags, from £15.95

Miss Etoile Travel Cosmetic Bags

Miss Etoile Travel Cosmetic Bags Lifestyle

Keep your liquids, make-up and hair products neatly packed together when travelling using our stylish clear plastic cosmetic bags from Miss Etoile. Made from clear PVC making it easy to clean and with a zip closing to keep everything safe inside, each bag is printed with an iconic Miss Etoile design on the front. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large, as well as in a flat version (small and large) which is ideal for storing your hand luggage liquids when going through airport security. These stylish yet practical plastic cosmetic/wash bags really are a travel must-have for anyone who takes a lot of liquids, make-up or hair products on holiday with them, so basically me!

7. Meori Foldable Storage Boxes, from £19.95

Meori Multi-purpose Travel Box 1

Meori Multi-purpose Travel Box

Going on an outdoor adventure filled trip this summer? Well then you definitely need to take a Meori box with you! Made from high-grade, tear-proof, dirt and water resistant polyester, these foldable storage boxes from Meori can handle even the toughest of adventures. They fold and unfold in three easy steps and are secured flat with an elastic band, meaning they take up as little space as possible when not in use. They can hold up to 65 lbs or 29.5 kgs (that’s 22 bottles of wine in case you were wondering!), have internal pockets for securing smaller items, and they also include large grommets making them easily to secure on boats, cars or trucks. Plus you can also buy extra inserts, such as a Picnicker or Cooler insert, making them great for summer picnics and eating alfresco. Available in a range of bright colours, these stylish yet super practical storage boxes are ideal for boat rides, beach days, camping trips and any of outdoor adventure you have planned this summer!


What are your summer holiday plans? And the travel essentials that you cannot travel without?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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